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Specialist PPE

LCC Clothing offer an extensive range of High Visibility and Flame Retardantgarments all CE certified and tested by an external certification body. We offer several levels of protection dependingon the risk that has been identified for the wearer. All our garments are industriallylaunderableand we also offer bespoke garments for special applications. Please view our range of garments 

Hi Vis

LCC Clothing offer a complete range of High Visibility garments conforming to EN ISO 20471:2013. This international standard covers 3 levels of protection. We can also offer to assist on selecting the best level of protection for the wearer,depending on the risk assessment chart which is available in the Technical information section in our web site.

As well as our standard HI-Vis range we also offer a range of garments that are Hi-Vis EN ISO 20471 andFlame retardant CE certified EN ISO 11611:2015 and11612 :2015

Please see our range of garments.

Flame Retardant

Flame retardant clothing gives you the protection you need when working with heat and flames. Great for tradesmen working in heat, welding and flame environments. A flame resistant garment is usually elected based on an employer’s own risk analysis, which determines he accurate garments for the possible incident exposures in a given work environment.